About Us

WP Tracer is a WordPress comprehensive beginner archive where we post WordPress tutorials, themes and plugin reviews, blogging & SEO tips and coupons & deals.

The birth

Hey, I am Bimal Raj Paudel the man behind WP Tracer. I started WP Tracer in late 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.

There was no turning back after being introduced to WordPress in 2017. WordPress captivated me completely. I built all of my websites with WordPress and assisted my clients in doing the same.

However, along the road, I encountered numerous technical issues that I had to resolve on my own. At WP Tracer, I strive to assist other bloggers and WordPress usersĀ  to easily fix the problems that I faced during my journey.

What does WP Tracer Post?

  • WordPress tutorials
  • WordPress error fixes
  • WordPress plugin and theme reviews
  • WordPress themes, plugins and hosting deals

and much more.