Docs: URL Field Remover From Comment Box

Welcome to the docs for the WordPress plugin URL Field Remover From Comment Box.

This doc covers everything you need to know about this plugin from installation to usability.

Plugin Usability

URL Field Remover From Comment Box can be used to remove the default website/URL field from any WordPress theme’s comment form/box.


Installing the plugin is easy.

You can directly install the plugin by searching the URL Field Remover From Comment Box on your WordPress plugin search bar.

Else you can download the zip file of the plugin from here and upload it to your WordPress website or extract it into ‘wp-content/plugins/’ of your hosting file manager.

Using The Plugin

Using the plugin is very easy. After installing and activating the plugin you don’t have to do anything. The plugin will work automatically after you activate it. However, if you want to disable the plugin feature temporarily you can do it by going URL Remover >> Uncheck Enable URL Field Remover >> Save Changes.

If you have any queries regarding the plugin you can contact us.


Does the plugin work with every WordPress themes?

The plugin is tested with major WordPress themes and should work with almost every WordPress themes.

Will the plugin break my theme?

The plugin is designed with latest coding standards and should not break your theme. However, if it breaks you can always remove it.

Should I do anything after installing the plugin?

No. The plugin does it work automatically after installing and activating it.

Is the plugin free?

Yes, the plugin is absolutely free. However, if you wish, you may want to donate the author from here.

The Website (URL) field is not removed after activating the plugin?

It might be probably due to caching issues, you may want to clear caches if you are using a caching plugin.

Plugin Changelog


  • Added feature to enable/disable the plugin functionality in the settings.
  • Checked plugin compatibility upto WordPress 6.1.1
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Initial Release.