How to fix AdSense ad limit in 2022

Google AdSense has become a lifesaver for many bloggers and creators out there. Bloggers can earn money through their websites by using Google’s monetization feature called AdSense.

You can read our detailed guide on getting approval with Google AdSense for WordPress if you have not started with Google AdSense yet.

However, sometimes Google AdSense creates a problem for creators if they do not adhere to the AdSense policy. Google AdSense’s ad serving limit is one of the problems that has become a headache for bloggers.

AdSense ad serving limit is a nightmare for bloggers. Recently, many new bloggers with new AdSense accounts have been facing this issue. Google has been strict with new AdSense account holders on this.

After Google AdSense places an ad serving limit on your site, it won’t show any advertisements to the readers, resulting in no earnings.

If you want a permanent solution or fix to Google’s ad serving limit, then you are at the right place.

In this post, I will discuss the causes of the AdSense ad serving limit and solutions to fix it. So, let’s get started.

What is the AdSense ad serving limit?

AdSense ad serving limit is a temporary limit placed by Google AdSense to your account because of a policy violation. After this, advertisements won’t be shown on your website until the issue is fixed. Generally, the AdSense ad limit notice remains in your account for a few months and disappears if you fix the violation. Else, it can lead to a permanent AdSense ban.

After Google AdSense places the ad serving limit, it will show a message like “The number of ads you can show has been temporarily limited.”

Causes of AdSense ad serving limit

Collision with a third-party ad publisher

Are you using any third-party advertisements on your website? If yes, then it might be the reason for AdSense placing a temporary ad limit on your website. 

There are multiple ad monetization platforms in the market which offer pop ads and other kinds of disruptive ad types which hamper the reader’s experience. Google does not love such kinds of ads.

Limited content more advertisements

Are you placing too many AdSense advertisements in your posts or pages? If so, then that also might be a reason for the ad limit. There should be a proper balance between your content volume and the number of ads you are placing on your website.

Unusual traffic

Do you buy traffic from spammy sites or use bots to click on your ads? If yes, then this could be the prime reason for the AdSense ad limit.

How to fix Adsense Ad Limit?

There is not an exact way to fix Google AdSense’s temporary ad limit; however, you can do a few things from your side to adhere to Google AdSense’s policy which may help you to remove the ad limit.

The first thing you should do is make sure that your website is not violating any of Google’s policies. You can find these policies in the “AdSense Policies” section of your AdSense dashboard. If your website violates any of these policies, then you should change it or remove it as soon as possible.

Remove advertisements from other advertisement platforms

If you are using any other third-party advertisements from different companies other than Google, then remove them. Google doesn’t love spammy advertisements from Propeller Ads, Pop Ads, and other third-party sites. I also suggest you remove advertisements from (Bing ads) if you have any on your site.

Continue posting contents

Even if your ad servings are limited, Google recommends that you continue to post new content and market your website as usual.

Use a few ad slots

Do not run too many ads on your page or posts. If you are using way too many ads on your pages/posts, then Google seems to dislike it. I personally suggest you add the next advertisement after at least 220 words (there should be at least a 220-word gap between the two advertisements).

Stop buying invalid traffics

If you are buying invalid traffic or clicks from any sites or agents, then stop doing that. Google loves everything natural. Just keep it simple and earn it with decency.

I personally suggest you place the advertisement on the site that is less likely to be clicked accidentally. Otherwise, you can stop invalid traffic to your ads by installing WordPress plugins like WP Advanced Ads.

Remove Ad codes 

After Google places a temporary ad limit on your account, I suggest you remove the ad codes from your website for a week. Also, disable auto-ads from Google Adsense if you have turned them on. This will stop continuous pings for advertisements to Google from your website.

P.S: After you remove the ad codes for a week, just place one ad slot on the header or inside the posts.

Google AdSense automatically reviews your website

After your AdSense account has been limited for ad servings, Google automatically reviews your website for traffic quality and other things discussed above. This process is automatic and it happens time and again. So, I request you to follow all the steps discussed in this post and try to adhere to AdSense’s policy.


Why is my AdSense ads limited?

Google places a temporary restriction on publisher’s AdSense account called “Ad Servings Limit”. This limit is placed by Google because of a policy violation.

How do you fix ad serving is currently limited?

The only way to fix the ad serving limit placed by Google is by adhering to AdSense’s policy and being natural.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, AdSense’s temporary ad limit is not that hard to fix if you try to adhere to its advertisement policies. The major idea to fix the ad limit placed by Google AdSense is to be natural. Be natural with your content, ads, traffic and everything associated with your website.

I suggest you follow the steps I discussed above and wait a few weeks and that should fix the issue for you. After the issue gets fixed do not repeat the mistakes again.

If you have any further questions then do not hesitate to ask me in the comment section.

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      I suggest you follow all the points that I have mentioned in the post. Most importantly, I suggest you continue posting contents on your website. Plus, if you have advertisements other than Google AdSense, completely remove them. Also turn off the auto ads from your AdSense account and place ad slot on single place only.

      Finally, give some time for Google to analyze your traffic and other things while you stay natural.


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